Cuento de guanina en ingles

Once upon a time lived a wood carver named Geppetto.

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He made puppets from pieces of wood, and he called his favorite puppet Pinocchio. That night, the blue fairy, who knew Geppetto was a good man, cost a magic spell over Pinocchio. The very next day, Gappetto awake and was very happy to find that Pinocchio could walk, sit and talk like a real boy. Pinocchio happily agreed.

He wished he was safe with Geppetto. The blue fairy suddenly appeared.

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Pinocchio is happy to be free. Pinocchio forgot all about school and gave the fox his spelling book in return for a ticket to Fun island.

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Pinocchio promised never to be naughty ever again and went straight to school. At school, Pinocchio told his friend all about fun island. His friend wanted to go with him. Pinocchio and his hurriedly climbed aboard a ship that was going to Fun Island. The blue fairy had heard his wish and with a wave of her magic wand his donkey ears and tail disappeared. Pinocchio sad on the shore, sadly looking out to the sea.

He wondered if he would ever see Geppetto again. Suddenly, he saw Geppetto who had sailed out to the sea in search of Pinocchio. The whale swallowed Geppetto and his boat. Pinocchio knew he had to save Geppetto. He jumped into the water and swam with all his might. The smoke made the whale sneeze. Pinocchio and Geppetto swam safely to shore. They were both tired. They laid on the sand and fell asleep. When Geppetto awoke, he saw that the blue fairy, as a reward for being so brave, had turned Pinocchio into a real boy.An old woman was baking one day, and she made some gingerbread.

She had some dough left over,so she made the shape of a little man.

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She made eyes for him, a nose and a smiling mouth all of currants, and placed more currants down his front to look like buttons. Then she laid him on a baking tray and put him into the oven to bake. After a little while, she heard something rattling at the oven door. She opened it and to her surprise out jumped the little gingerbread man she had made. She tried to catch him as he ran across the kitchen, but he slipped past her, calling as he ran:. She chased after him into the garden where her husband was digging.

He put down his spade and tried to catch him too, but as the gingerbread man sped past him he called over his shoulder:. The cow ran after the old woman and the old man, and soon they all passed a horse. He ran on, with the old woman and the old man and the cow and the horse following, and he went past a party of people haymaking. They all looked up as they saw the gingerbread man, and as he passed them he called out:. The haymakers joined in the chase behind the old woman and the old man, the cow and the horse, and they all followed,him as he ran through the fields.

Just after he had run past the fox the gingerbread man had to stop because he came to a wide, deep, swift-flowing river. The fox saw the old woman and the old man, the cow, the horse and the haymakers all chasing the gingerbread man so he said. As they reached the middle of the river, where the water was deep, the fox said. As the current flowed more swiftly, the fox said, ".

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I would not like you to drown. But when they reached the bank of the river, the fox suddenly went snap! Cuentos infantiles originales. Cuentos para estimular la lectura infantil. Cuentos para educar en valores a Cuentos tradicionales para estimular la lectura infantil. Cuentos infantiles para dormir.

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Cuentos para estrechar lazos entre madres e hijos. Enviar comentario. Recibe nuestros boletines: Enviar.DeepL Traductor Linguee. Open menu.

Un "par de. A "base pair" would be. L a adenina A se une a l a timina Ty l a guanina G se une a l a citosina C. Adenine A is paired wi th thymine Tand guanine G is paired with cytosine C.

Llamadas A, T, C, y G adeninacitosinatiminay guaninaes tas bases se [ DNA is made up of four differ en t. Hay cuatro bases. There are four. You may recall th at adenine an d thymine s ha re two hydrogen bonds w hi le cytosine and guanine s ha re three. Polymerase chain Technique used to amplify target DNA. Chargaff's First Rule is that the number of.

For more advanced students, do. Each rung of this ladder contains two of four different small. Levene is remembered for his "tetranucleotide hypothesis," which he.

Under normal circumstances, C cytosine is always linked to G guaninewhile T thymine goes with A adenine. Los pares de bases- los. The base-pairs. Composing Verbum enabled me to explore the fascinating world of the human genome. L a adenina s e u ne a l a timinal a citosina a l a guanina. Adenine binds to thymine, cytosine to guanine. The incidence of various cancers, such. El orden de las cuatro bases que. The order of the four bases that compose.

Anemia is also common in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who, while already compromised by their primary disease, have also to cope with low hemoglobin levels. In the first part of the HD gene, there is a sequence of three nucleotide s, cytosine- ad enineguanine CAGwhich is repeated several times i.Once upon a time, there was a widow who lived with her son, Aladdin. One day, a mysterious foreigner offered the boy a silver coin in exchange of a small favour and as they were very poor, he accepted.

The foreigner and Aladdin went away from the village towards the wood, where Aladdin often went to play. Little time after, they stopped in front of a narrowed entry which leaded to a cave that Aladdin had never seen befote.

I want only that you bring me my oil lamp. The voice tone with which the foreigner said the last words alarmed Aladdin.

For a moment, he thought about fleeing but he changed his mind after remembering the silver coin and all the food that his mother would be able to buy with it.

Once inside, Aladdin saw an old oil lamp which tenously lighted the cave. His surprise was big when he discovered a place full of golden coins and precious stones.

cuento de guanina en ingles

That moment, a big noise was heard. It was the warlock who was rolling a stone to block the entrance to the cave. A deep darkness invaded the place. Aladdin was scared, would he be trapped there forever? Without thinking, he took the ring and put it on his finger.

While he was thinking how to escape he was turning it absent-mindely. Suddenly, the cave was full of an intense pink light and an smiling genie appeared. Aladdin murmured smiling. Immediately, dishes full of delicious delicacies appeared in front of them. Aladdin and his mother ate very well that day and every day for many years. Aladdin grew up and become a handsome young man and her mother did not have to work for others.

They were happy with very little and the genie supplied all their necessities. With just one look he fall completely in love with her. Immediately, he ran to his home to tell his mother. As it was a custom to bring a present to the Sultan, they asked the genie a chest full of beautiful jewels. Even though he was very impressed by the present, the Sultan asked:. Tell Aladdin that, in order to show his richness he has to sent me forty pureblood horses carrying forty chests full of precious stones and forty warriors to escort them.

Instantly, forty spirited horses appeared carrying chests full of saphirs and emeralds. The sultan was very proud of his son in law and Halima was much in love of her husband who was kind and generous. Aladdin had never told Halima the secret of the lamp and now it was too late. The warlock rubbed the lamp and gave an order to the genie. In a fraction of seconds, Halima and the palace went very up in the air and were taken to the far land of the warliock.

When Aladdin went back, he saw that her palace and all that he loved had disappeared.Guanina y Sotomayor. Antes de leer. EnPuerto Rico estaba habitado por los:. Lee estas dos acepciones de la palabra leyenda y luego,contesta:.

Mientras leo.

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Subraya en el texto cuatro de las razones por las cuales los indios planean una venganza. Busca en el Glosario la palabra patrimonio. Guanina guardaba absoluta lealtad a su raza. Tan pocos los que llevaban Tantos eran los nativos Menciona dos razones por las cuales Guaybana quiere honrar en muerte a Sotomayor. E ntiendo el texto. Naiboa se encuentra a Guanina llorando sobre el cuerpo de Sotomayor.

Guanina le informa a Sotomayor que le aguarda una muerte dolorosa, si no huye. Guaybana ordena darle muerte a Guanina y enterrarla junto a Sotomayor. Guaybana ordena a Naiboa sepultar a Sotomayor con los honores que merece. Sotomayor da instrucciones a Guayba n a para formar una cuadrilla de Naboria s para ir a Villa Caparra.

Relee los siguientes versos de la leyenda. Escribe cinco palabras del texto, propias del lenguaje de los tainos. La idea central de esta leyenda es Guanina es una leyenda que nos habla sobre La historia culmina con la muerte de ambos. El tema de la leyenda Guanina es EnPuerto Rico estaba habitado por los: a. Contesta: 1. Versos Significado 1.Documents menu.

Date: Fri, 7 Dec From: Mr. One of the first legends retold in Puerto Rico is that of Guanina by Dr. Cayetano Coll y Toste. Once the Taino Indians had proven that the Spaniards were not immortal through the death of Diego Salcedo, they rebelled. The legend of Guanina tells of that rebellion.

Guanina was a Taino Indian princess in love with Don Cristobal de Sotomayor, a Spanish officer who had come to Boriquen to conquer and colonize. Her brother, Guaybana, was the principal chief of the Tainos who hated the Spaniards because of the way they had mistreated and betrayed the Tainos. He swore revenge against the Spaniards. Juan Gonzalez, Sotomayor's aide, found out about the plan to kill his captain and tried to warn him. Sotomayor would not hear of the planned uprising.

He sent for Guaybana and for some of his men to carry his baggage, since he was going to Caparra, the capital. Guanina begged him not to go because she knew that he was going to die and that it would be her own brother who would kill him. Sotomayor did not change his plans, and the next morning set out with Guaybana and his men to the city. On the way, he and five other Spaniards were attacked by the Tainos, and Sotomayor was killed.

When Guanina was given the news of her lover's death, she tried to bring him back to life through her kisses and caresses. The Taino elders considered Guanina a traitor, and decided to offer her as a sacrifice to the gods as a sign of their gratitude in succeeding in their attack. When they went to get Guanina, they found her dead with her head resting on Sotomayor's bloody chest. The two were buried together near a giant ceiba tree and on their tomb red hibiscus and white lilies appeared as if by magic.

cuento de guanina en ingles

These flowers represent the true and passionate love these two souls felt for each other. The legend has it that on occasion, the huge ceiba tree casts a shadow over the land, a soft breeze gently moves the leaves and whispering sounds are heard, then Guanina and Sotomayor come out of the tomb to look at the evening star and kiss each other under the light of the moon. Sotomayor's actual death took place in the year The original retelling by Cayetano Coll y Toste was written in the style of the early nineteenth century with words which would be difficult to understand today by many adults and children.

Jose Ramirez Rivera has translated twelve of these legends into English and rewritten the Spanish versions so that students may be able to read and understand these stories easier.

His Leyendas Puertorriquenas Puerto Rican Tales are modern versions of tales from the colonial times. In analyzing this tale, some research needs to be done in preparation for the actual reading. Information on the Tainos as recorded by the Spaniards; the reasons for further explorations by Colon; how the Tainos felt about the Spaniards when they first arrived on Boriquen; and, why the Indians rebelled against the invaders.Once upon a time there lived a woodcutter and his wife; they had seven children, all boys.

The eldest was but ten years old, and the youngest only seven. They were very poor, and their seven children inconvenienced them greatly, because not one of them was able to earn his own way. They were especially concerned, because the youngest was very sickly.

He scarcely ever spoke a word, which they considered to be a sign of stupidity, although it was in truth a mark of good sense. He was very little, and when born no bigger than one's thumb, for which reason they called him Little Thumb. The poor child bore the blame of everything that went wrong in the house. Guilty or not, he was always held to be at fault. He was, notwithstanding, more cunning and had a far greater share of wisdom than all his brothers put together. And although he spoke little, he listened well.

Y aunque hablaba poco, escuchaba mucho. There came a very bad year, and the famine was so great that these poor people decided to rid themselves of their children. One evening, when the children were all in bed and the woodcutter was sitting with his wife at the fire, he said to her, with his heart ready to burst with grief, "You see plainly that we are not able to keep our children, and I cannot see them starve to death before my face.

I am resolved to lose them in the woods tomorrow, which may very easily be done; for, while they are busy in tying up the bundles of wood, we can leave them, without their noticing. In vain her husband reminded her of their extreme poverty. She would not consent to it.

Yes, she was poor, but she was their mother. However, after having considered what a grief it would be for her to see them perish with hunger, she at last consented, and went to bed in tears. Little Thumb heard every word that had been spoken; for observing, as he lay in his bed, that they were talking very busily, he got up softly, and hid under his father's stool, in order to hear what they were saying without being seen.

He went to bed again, but did not sleep a wink all the rest of the night, thinking about what he had to do. He got up early in the morning, and went to the riverside, where he filled his pockets with small white pebbles, and then returned home.

They all went out, but Little Thumb never told his brothers one syllable of what he knew. They went into a very thick forest, where they could not see one another at ten paces distance. The woodcutter began his work, and the children gathered up the sticks into bundles. Their father and mother, seeing them busy at their work, slipped away from them without being seen, and returned home along a byway through the bushes.

When the children saw they had been left alone, they began to cry as loudly as they could. Little Thumb let them cry, knowing very well how to get home again, for he had dropped the little white pebbles all along the way.

Then he said to them, "Don't be afraid, brothers.

cuento de guanina en ingles

Father and mother have left us here, but I will lead you home again. Just follow me. They did so, and he took them home by the very same way they had come into the forest.

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